Maliyadeva Model School

This is a school that facilitate to 3500 childrens to acheive there educational base and future, showing rapid devolopment within a short history of not more than four decades , being the one of the best schools of the province, as wel as in the Island.

On the 27th day of february in 1978 , school was started with 123 pupils as "Maliyadewa adarsha Prathamika vidyalaya" , being Mr T.B.Siriwardhana the leading first principal, By there the jouney was launched upto today to be a sucssesfull school by severel key performing leaders .

MP Piyadasa Wijesinghe did a valuable job in acquiring lands for the school while early deputy Minister D.B. Welagedara dedicating his best effort to make a huge progress and establish a great name in the society 

In 1982 this school was again named as “Maliyadewa Adarsha kanishta vidyalaya ”  by starting grade 6 . In 1987 first batch was sit for O/L exam and  showed an  excellent results by  passing more than 91% of students.  Then in 1988 A/L classes were started in all streams at once,  showing a key feature of progress of the school , and then again the school was named as “Maha Vidyalaya”. From there the school is vastly developing while  producing valuable persons  to the society