Maliyadeva Adarsha Past Pupils ' Association



Projects We have completed so far


  • Donation of 40000 rupeesfor devolopment of Sports
  • Donation of 15000 rupees for School name board
  • Organizing Teacher rewarding Ceromony
  • Organizing “SAMADI Swara Dehena “ Musical show and donate 25000 to school library from the income
  • Staged the Drama “ Ewa balawa” and 30000 rupees of the income was allocated to donate instruments for western music band
  • Donation of educational items to students in kebithigollawa boundary area
  • Open an office room for PPA inside the school premises
  • Donate books to the library from the income of Staging the Drama “ RAJAGA NADAGAMA” library from the income
  • Organizing the function for celebrate silver jubilee of the school
  • Arranged a raffle draw causing silver jubilee and, produced commemorative souvenirs from the profit
  • Held a teacher rewarding ceremony from the income of souvenirs
  • Started a official web site for school
  • “ The Best male and female student in the year” Reward was started via PPA in the school annual prize giving
  • Holding “Mahapola Exibition” in the school and could earn five hundred thousand rupees for the school
  • Create DVD and VCD presenting school history
  • Started creating the Bio Data of each member
  • Started “sport development fund”, initially funding about hundred thousand rupees, by the income of staging the drama "SANDA LAGA MARANAYA",
  • Donated sports equipment worth of 20000 rupees
  • Started a 1000 rupee scholarship program for 75 students from low income families
  • Donate a cupboard which is 20000 rupees worth
  • Held “Ridmawalokana Gee Samadi” musical show and one hundred thousand rupees was donated from the income
  • Started seminars for grade five scholarship examinations
  • Donated 20000 rupees worth Uniform for school cadet band
  • Number of 1000 rupees scholarships increased upto 100
  • Organized “Ridmaqwalakona Gee Samadiya” musical program and donated a Duplo machine worth 170000 rupees to the school from the income
  • Primary principal office room was renewed spending two hundred thousands
  • Donated 20000 rupees worth Books to the School library
  • Arranged seminars for grade five scholarship examination
  • Provide 35000 rupees for repair chairs and tables of Student
  • Spent 38000 thousand for “SAHITHYA UDANA 2008”
  • Provide 45000 rupees for repair the temporary building
  • Allocated 102500 rupees for scholarships
  • Donate sport items worth 200000 rupees
  • Donate book racks and steel cupboards spending 33000 rupees
  • Allocated 41000 rupees to build rampart around school premises
  • Held LALITHA UDANA literature festival
  • Held "RIDMAWALOKANA" Musical show
  • Held Seminars for Grade 5 Scholarship examination
  • Modify sanitary system
  • Donate 17210 rupees for "Lalitha Kala Udanaya"
  • Donate 55000 rupees for Scholarships
  • Conducted seminars for grade 5 scholarship examination
  • Donated two OHP projectors and three screens
  • Donate 25000 rupees for funeral of great artist and teacher Warnakulasooriya
  • Donated 10000 rupees worth Musical Instruments